A stay at home vacation is a perfect time to de-stress and partake in activities that not only benefit your resume but can also help kill the lingering boredom during winter breaks. Here are 14 activities to enjoy during your staycation that reduce stress and are wallet friendly.  


  • Take Up Yoga– Yoga has largely been known as a form to reduce stress and used as a form of therapy that decreases blood pressure, maintains your nervous system, and regulates sleeping habits. Information on yoga poses for beginners such as the “mountain pose”, “downward dog”, and “warrior” can be found here.
  • Exercise– Exercise that displays both short and long-term benefits. Exercise improves your mood, reduces possibility of disease, and promotes better sleep. If you don’t know where to start, Oprah has a fitness routine that requires no gym membership and can be performed in the comfort of your own home.
  • Fire Up Your Resume– With a sudden burst of extra time in your schedule it is a great opportunity to begin thinking about your future, which includes your resume. You can fix and update your resume to the highest of quality using this simple guide. Or if you haven’t created a resume in the past, you may use this guide to help you create the ideal resume.
  • Binge Watch Shows on Netflix/Hulu– Grab a bag of chips and pop a bag of popcorn, it’s time to binge watch shows on Netflix and Hulu. Professionals have created the ultimate guide to binge watching on Netflix and Hulu with a master list of shows to watch from both loved streaming services.
  • Spend Time With Family/Friends– It’s time to enjoy some time with those loved ones. Activities can range from a trip to your local park to binge watching Netflix/Hulu with your friends/families. If you’re running slim on ideas, here are 101 activity ideas to do with your family.
  • Facial Treatment– It’s time to pamper yourself! Aside from anti-aging, cleansing, and increased circulation, making your own facial treatment at home can be fun with the use of fruit. For a step-by-step guide on making a fruit facial home visit here.
  • Read a Book– Read that book you’ve been promising yourself you would read or if you’ve felt like you need a new dose of freshness in your literary life use “What Should I Read Next?” a website that allows you to type in the title of a book you’ve enjoyed in the past that recommends a variety of new books similar to the title you enjoyed. 
  • Learn a New Foreign Language– Learning a new language is often something that sounds good in theory but when beginning can be as chaotic as remembering your pubescent years. Luckily, Duolingo has created a free-language learning platform with a variety of languages that can simplify the process of learning a foreign language. It is even available on the app store for easy on the go learning. https://www.duolingo.com
  • Learn a New Coding Language– Learning a new coding language can help create mobile applications, allow for fluidity of creativity, and surely beefs up your resume. Code Academy has a variety of languages to learn from ranging from CSS, HTML, Python, and more. Code academy provides free supplemental services such as quizzes, lectures, and hands on practice with different languages.
  • Write a poem– Writing poetry allows for creativity that supports an expressive model that revolves around honesty, cultural context, and self-awareness. If you haven’t ever written poetry, here is a guide to poem structure, poetry meter, and more. Or if you’re experiencing writer’s block, use this cheat sheet that includes 27 ways to crush writer’s block.
  • Go on a treasure hunt!Geocaching is an interactive mobile application that provides locations of “geocaches” that other users have used to hide log books and small trinkets that can be found by other users in your local area.
  • Learn to Play a New Instrument-Learning a new instrument has a substantial amount of benefits that increases memory span, enhances coordination, and improves your ability to concentrate.
  • Learn How to Read Music– If you’re learning to play a new instrument, the best thing is to learn how to read music. For a guide to learning how to read music visit here.
  • Visit the Local Library– Visiting the library is an inexpensive way to meet others who have similar literary tastes as you. Aside from renting free books from the library, local libraries have many programs/workshops that both adults and children can enjoy!

A staycation is the embodiment of relaxation and partaking in activities that is enjoyable and economically friendly. Enjoy your staycation, don’t forget to get enough rest, and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated to maximize your vacation time.


Photo Credit: Arbornetworks


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