What does Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, and The Gorillaz have in common? More than just a phase from middle school, they are bringing in new albums this fall!

Green Day brings a new day

The Punk/alternative rock band from Oakland CA, Green Day, are making a comeback into the music scene after being on hiatus since their triple album release in 2012 with: Uno. Dos. Tré. Their new album, Revolution Radio, takes the band’s years of musical experience into a culminated album.

Revolution Radio carries on the hard rock punk sound from their early days from albums like Dookie, and Nimrod, while bringing in the emotional relatable style from albums like American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. The band shows how much they have grown over the years with this album, by blending headbanging rock with soft rock ballads, while maintaining a fun vibe all around. Revolution Radio released on Oct. 7th.

Check out their lyric videos here:



My Chemical Romance: 10-years of The Black Parade

mcrxAlthough My Chemical Romance has been broken up since March of 2013, but their music has made an impact on listeners of the “emo” rock genre generation.

It has been 10 years since the MCRmy gained traction in the band’s big breakout album, The Black Parade, when the emo trend was beginning to take root alongside bands with similar sounds.

The band may still be broken up, but they still touch the hearts of many dedicated fans who live the Black Parade style. With a new album cover, the band released an anniversary edition, re-issuing it with 11 more tracks including live and rough studio versions of demo tracks not released in the original album. The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts was released on Sept. 23.

Trailer announcing the release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v3IaOQCK44

Blink-182 returns to satirical roots

rcdnztyThe three-piece rock outfit, Blink-182, are also making a comeback with their new album, California. Known for their promiscuous lyrics and music videos, Blink-182 have touched the hearts of many with their alternative rock style.

California bears a sound similar to their early days, resembling something similar to Take Off Your Pants and Jacket and Enema of the State with a constant shift with fast rock, and gentle crooner soft rock. Much like their early days they still hold on to the short song style, but with heavy felt words in the lyrics. California was released on July 1.



Gorillaz stay quiet

The really unreal band, Gorillaz, have been rumored to release a new album this fall quarter. They have been tight-lipped about their new music, with few leaks and rumors to go off of. Expect to see the animated band make a return soon.


New Albums New Tours

Currently Green Day and Blink-182 are on tour, performing live to celebrate their new albums. My Chemical Romance is still broken up, but each member of the band has taken off to pursue their own interests. Much like the many bands before them, Gorillaz will be touring shortly after the release of their new album.  



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