Summer is coming along and it is time to take a breather from studies and catch up on some game time. Luckily, there are plenty of free-to-play games to try out, either solo or with your friends!

  1. Warframe – PC, Xbox, Playstation

First on our list is Warframe, where the motto is “Ninjas Play Free.” Warframe is a third-person, hack & slash, futuristic sci-fi, action game. Going with the science fiction theme, players select and take control of a warframe, a type of suit granting the user an array of abilities from elemental to damage dealing to supportive. The game drops players right into the middle of the action for the tutorial. Players can also team up with three others to complete missions in randomly generated worlds ranging from forests and deserts to space stations.

The game is a high-octane fast paced action game granting players a feeling of power. There are dozens of frames players can choose from, some of which are unlocked by completing missions which also fill in the blanks in the story. One of the few downsides of the game is the amount of time it takes to play it. Players need to craft and create equipment which adds to the players’ power, but requires real time for items to develop. Aside from the grind, the game is enjoyable alone or with friends.

  1. Team Fortress 2 – PC

Team Fortress 2 is a whacky first-person class-based shooter from 2006. Created by Valve, the game still holds strong despite its age. There are nine playable classes, each with their own charm and style of gameplay. Players can join many different types of servers for a variety of game modes ranging from control points, moving the payload, to an array of unorthodox games created through modified servers.

TF2 takes on the age old classic battle of Red vs. Blue and makes it a topsy-turvy fight. If player versus player is not your forte, there is also the Man vs. Machine game mode pitting players against a horde of robots. Players can craft or buy items for each of the nine characters, which can boost your team in a variety of ways, from increasing damage to making enemies susceptible to attacks. Items also add to the wackiness of the game, such as the use of hats. The community craves more and more hat cosmetics. This game is for those who want to have comedic action.

  1. Planetside 2 – PC, Playstation

Planetside 2 takes the large-scale warfare of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and sets it into the future, something akin to Halo. However, the game takes a twist in battle, where three teams try to conquer a map rather than just two. The game only has one mode, something like conquest trying to capture control points scattered throughout the map, but the game still offers plenty to players.

Before jumping straight into the frontlines, players must select one of three empires: Terran Republic (red), New Conglomerate (blue), and Vanu Sovereignty (purple). All three factions have the same six-classes, but with their own advantages, weapons, and playstyles. With such large maps, players also have access to an array of vehicles from tanks to flyers! This game is for players who are ready for action and want a large-scale experience.

  1. Evolve – PC, Xbox, Playstation

The popular 4-v-1 game, Evolve, is free to play, as of last year. Evolve takes place at a human colony after a recent monster outbreak. That’s where the players come in. Players can select from five preferred classes: attack, support, medic, trapper, or the monster itself. All five classes have their own unique characters with separate abilities.

Players can choose which class they want to take control of or they can switch if there is one needed. The attack class serves as the damage dealer to both the monster and the wildlife, support deals secondary damage to the monster, but mainly uses tools to help the team (i.e. shields or teleporters). Medics heal the team and trappers help track the monster and hold them long enough for the other members to deal damage. Monster players also get a plethora of creatures ranging from Godzilla-esque brutes to Cthulu inspired beasts. There are also a variety of game modes that players can pick from for either a short game or a long one. This game tests the strength of how good players can communicate with each other.

5. Dota 2, League of Legends, Smite, Heroes of the Storm – PC (except Smite)

The MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) genre is a popular one amongst the e-sport communities where the games are free to play and can either be played alone and matched with random player or with a team of your own. Players can choose to go against other players, or against the computer. Most MOBAs have a similar formula, two teams of selected player heroes battle to destroy each other’s bases, facing towers, minions, and “jungle” monsters along the way in three separate lanes.

The controls play like an RTS (real-time strategy) game to move the champions around. The real trick of the game is the teamwork. Usually, games require five players on each side and a balance of specific skills (i.e. tanking, damage, buffs, middle, and jungler). Each of the five games mentioned have their own set of unique characters. Dota’s tends to be a bit more on the darker side, League’s leans toward the cartoony, Smite has a pantheon of gods ranging from all cultures, and Heroes has popular Blizzard Characters. All of these games are renowned for the competitive e-sport scene, therefore such players can be found here.

Any free games you want to mention? What games will you play with your friends this summer? Bring it up in the comments!


Picture Credits: Team Fortress & YouTube:League of Legends



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