First it’s Christmas, then it’s New Year’s and you just don’t know how to handle all of the excitement and happiness going around you. All of this joy could give anyone major FOMO (the fear of missing out), even if you are not really missing out on much. So, to help avoid this feeling, I have found five great ways to be confident that you are not missing out on all the excitement during this holiday season.

Number One: Realize that You Are NOT Missing Out At All.

There may be some great holiday gathering happening or you may have wanted to spend NYE with the celebrities in New York, but where you are is just as great. People stand for hours just waiting for a ball to drop in the freezing cold weather. Plus, are all of those other parties really worth going to when your best friend won’t even be there to experience the fun with you? No. Therefore, you are totally not missing out.

Number Two: Avoid Social Media Overload.

Social media is the melting pot for people who want others to believe that they are having the absolute time of their lives, when–in reality–they are probably wishing they were somewhere else. The best thing you could do is just wait until after the holiday to see what everyone was up to. Also, this way you are able to enjoy the company of whoever you’re with wherever you are.


Number Three: Do Not Feel Bad About Staying In.

Staying indoors to relax and enjoy time alone is a good thing. Sometimes it is exactly what you need. Embrace it.

Number Four: Be Fine With Not Being Able to Do Everything.

It is just a fact of life, you are not capable of doing everything no matter how badly you want to. There is always something happening during the holidays and people are constantly inviting you over, but you are only one person and have to prioritize, and it is completely ok to say no.

Number Five: Is your FOMO About Something Else?

We should all ask ourselves this question when we fear missing out on something over the holidays. Maybe we fear, not missing out on the excitement, but maybe we fear missing the company of that one relative we haven’t seen in years because the family decided to go on a vacation to Spain. Or maybe you wanted to go to a holiday party but had to say no.

For whatever reason you are having major FOMO this holiday season, simply remember that you really are not missing anything at all. Wherever you are and whomever you are with is what was meant to be. Embrace the company of those around you this holiday season.


Picture Credits: Entrepreneur & The Carolinian


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