Getting a pet may become the best thing that has happened to you and here are a few reasons why. The first thing people usually think of when it comes to owning a pet is the responsibility behind it. The owner of the pet is responsible for providing food and shelter. The process allows for the owner to learn a lesson of responsibility, time management, and commitment.


Pets are companions that will provide unconditional love for their care takers. Cats and dogs will often times comfort their owners when they are feeling down. Sasha Brown, a blogger for Lifehack, states, “Obviously, our pets don’t speak our languages, but they are quite aware of their owners’ emotional needs. Many people find that having a close bond with their pet provides them with an added sense of purpose, and centers them emotionally.” Pets also reduce stress and elevate the mood of their owner.

Pets will also create new relationships or even deepen the bond of some relationships between the owner and someone they care about. There are many pet owners and lovers that will share the same interests and experience. By owning a pet, such as a dog,  walks are a mini adventure. Conversations will start about the dog and can even end in a date with a significant someone.

Philip Moeller, a staff writer at US News, states, “At the end of the day, having a pet means that you have made a promise to continue being involved in another life. This commitment is one of the most positive decisions you can make as you get older.”

Students at UC Merced are often overwhelmed with the feeling of stress. With a pet, however, students would feel loved and comforted by their presence. Students wouldn’t be as stressed and would look forward to making memories with their new companion.



Picture Credits: Stewartville ChamberCute Animal Images, & URDogs



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