It is safe to say that California has been receiving a generous amount of rain for the past few months. According to KTLA5 roughly 20% of California was still in a drought as of this past Christmas. This means that nearly all of California is out of a drought, currently. Additionally, large amounts of snow fell over the Sierra Nevada mountain range, as well as areas in northern and central California. The amount of average snowpack is almost twice the normal amount received in late January in the last three years, which is amazing considering that we have been in a severe drought for several years.

However, even will all of this rain and snowfall, we are still not completely clear of the drought. It will take several months for the snow to melt and turn into groundwater, which is of great importance to a number of California residents. Groundwater levels remain critically low, Richard Tinker a drought expert, explains. Declaring the drought officially over falls under the purview of the California Governor Jerry Brown.

Although the drought is significantly improving, it is still wise to be conscious of the precious resource that is being used. Water is one resource that will not be replenished if it is used up entirely. Plus, there is only so much drinking water available; it is only a fraction of all of the water on our earth. As Richard Santos, director of the Santa Clara Valley Water District says, “Water conservation is a way of life. It’s not going to change.”

Photo Credit: Marcus Fox


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