The Atwater Police and Activities League is a non-profit organization that fosters a common ground between police, citizens. The youth of both Atwater and Merced Counties. The program encourages youth to participate in an environment that promotes recreational activities, as well as social and educational expansion.Ultimately, the Atwater Police and Activities League aims to reduce juvenile crime through self-esteem building exercises, sports, and educational activities. Some specific activities that the league promotes are: GoKart building, baseball, the Atwater Cadet Program, tennis, and BMX riding.

If you are interested in drinking for a good cause, the Atwater Police and Activities League is hosting an all you can eat and drink margarita, tequila tasting, and nacho bar on Saturday, March 25th. The fundraiser is expected to run from 6:00pm-11:00pm at the Atwater Community Center. The goal is to raise funds for the league. ID’s will be checked at the door and alternative methods of transportation such as taxis, Lyft, and Uber are encouraged.

Purchase your tickets ahead of time at the Atwater Police and Activities League fundraiser page.
If you can’t drink for the cause and wish to receive a tax deduction from donations, visit: the Atwater Police and Activities League donation tab on their website. Happy drinking!

Photo Credit: Eater Denver


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