UC Merced is opening its cultural center on March 7th located in KL 159 after a 2 month delay since Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs, Charles Nies first proclaimed it open. All other UC campuses have similar multicultural centers whose mission statements revolve around fostering the various cultural identities within UC campuses and providing opportunities for community development as a whole. UC campuses statewide have a variety of programs such as social justice initiatives, culture nights, and service learning opportunities that are hosted by an umbrella of organizations in their cross-cultural centers.

UC Merced is currently seeking ideas from the community to sculpt programs that could be beneficial to the community, help creating their mission statement, and a name for the multicultural center. Some students on Feb. 24 wrote some of their ideas for what they envision  or hope to see in the multicultural center such as: “Resources for ethnic reconciliation,” “experienced mentors,” “learning about movements and the intersectionality of that movement,” and, “political activism.”

If you would like to input your own vision on what should be included in the multi-cultural center, visit The Cultural Space: Name, Mission, and Vision Google Doc. Or if you have any questions about the multicultural center, forward them to the Social Justice Initiatives Coordinator, Onar Primitivo at atoprimitivo@ucmerced.edu or the Social Justice Initiatives intern, Clara Medina at cmedinamaya@ucmerced.edu.

Photo Credit: UC Merced


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