Some controversy has recently emerged over a potential conflict-of-interest between President Trump and his businesses. This is especially true of his hotel, which can be seen from the White House. There are concerns over whether or not one can rent rooms at hotel, in order to buy political favors. Paying over five hundred dollars a room is similar to donating money directly to a campaign. Some are calling for the President to sell off his businesses, as previous business-owning presidents have done in the past.

When one rents a room at Trump’s hotel, Donald Trump, as a private business owner, profits. Individuals or groups from any foreign country could potentially, in this way, be giving money to Trump in exchange for favors. In an attempt to avoid any conflict-of-interest, the President has stated that any profits made from foreign government spending at his hotel will be donated.

There are also concerns over Trump’s ability to use the presidency as a means of garnering future wealth through policy, although there is no evidence thus far to suggest that this is the case. There is a law in place and some conflict-of-interest statutes which encourage public officials of high office to sell off their businesses, but it is unclear if the regulations can be used to force Trump to sell his companies entirely. If the laws could force him to, then the rule of law should have ensured this already.

Information from The Associated Press and The Atlantic

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune


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