The UC Merced Research Journal is a semi-annual publication that accepts submissions during spring and fall semester. Currently, The UC Merced Research Journal is accepting publications for submissions until April 7th. Getting undergraduate research published is extremely beneficial in both professional and personal aspects of one’s life. Some of the professional and personal benefits of becoming published as an undergrad include: a more noteworthy graduate school application, citing your publication on your resume, as well as bragging rights. The UC Merced Undergraduate Research Journal also awards the top two publications a $75 and $100 gift card, respectively.

So, how does one get published through the UC Merced Undergraduate Research Journal? The following requirements are necessary to submit:

  1. Research is relevant and original to its field
  2. The purpose of the research is significant and allocated for a multidisciplinary audience.
  3. Paper is free of mechanical errors, efficiently organized, well-supported, innovative, and engaging.

Some formatting requirements include:

  1. A 2,000-4,000 word essay that is double-spaced.
  2. Paper must follow MLA or APA style.
  3. 12’ Times New Roman font

Authors are allowed to publish research papers done in prior classes but are encouraged to draft their piece in accordance to The UC Merced Research guidelines. Submissions are due April 7th, and should be submitted to For more information on the submission process visit The UC Merced Research Journal’s website.

Photo Credit: UC Merced’s Veronica Adrover


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