The University of California system has grown more diverse in the past ten years, with out-of-state students at 15.5 percent in 2016. This number is significantly  higher than the number in 2007, which was at 5 percent. However, UC Merced has the lowest percentage of non-resident students at less than one percent.

There has been a proposed cap on the amount of nonresident students within the UC system because of threats to withhold funds worth $18.5 million if the UC system does not limit nonresident student enrollment. However, if the nonresident student enrollment did not exist, then the cost of resident tuition would be increased nearly 20 percent.

Consequently, removing the nonresident enrollment would mean Californian students would lose out on funds, leading to fewer classes, less financial aid, and smaller class sizes as well. Nonresident students are important to the UC’s funding. California Assemblyman Kevin McCarty stated “UC is on the verge of setting a firm nonresident policy which would prioritize California kids”.

Putting California students first is a great idea, but it is also important to keep the nonresident number of students within the UC system the same for most campuses. Limiting is good, however cutting off nonresident enrollment completely could be detrimental to California.

Photo Credit: Porfolium


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