First Power Puff Girls, then Samurai Jack, Beauty and the Beast, and now Invader Zim. What year is it? The 90s are making a comeback and the biggest shock is from our favorite green alien in an upcoming TV movie.
Invader Zim was a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon back in 2001 and ran for a solid season and a rough second one before it faced cancellation. The show revolved around a green alien named Zim and his lovably stupid robotic companion, Gir, in their attempts to take over the Earth. The show fell short, ending in a rushed second season due to the criticisms of the show being too dark and creepy and the creative disputes between lead artist Jhonen Vasquez and the network regarding the content and tone of the show.

Vasquez is known for his art style of the estranged, morbid, and creepy through his initial comic book work with Squee and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Squee was where the idea for Invader Zim started, initially having one of the alien figures as a background character, and expanding on that idea. Vasquez maintained that art style and brought over a few of the characters from the comic to the show.

Although the show crashed and burned with a rushed ending to the second season, it was quickly overshadowed by the kid-friendly sponge, the characters lived on through fan art and Hot Topic, appealing to the more edgier teens. Invader Zim is still popular amongst many who wait in hopes for a reboot or continuation.

For many fans, those hopes are about to be answered. On Tuesday Apr. 4, a teaser trailer went viral for the Invader. On Jhonen Vasquez, Zim, and Gir’s official Facebook pages, a minute-long teaser trailer was released with Zim opens in a menacing dialogue that “an invader never stops until their mission is complete” only to have Gir interrupt him halfway through in comedic banter. The video closes with the words “Invading Soon, ish.” The full video can be seen here:

The show may live in infamy as a something creepy from our childhoods, but the characters are still memorable and the original voice actors will be reprising their roles. The main character, Zim is voiced by legendary voice actor Richard Horvitz who is known for playing whacky over-the-top characters like Zim and Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Another memorable character from the show is Zim’s companion, Gir (Rikke Simmons), the adorably stupid robot who serves as the foil and occasional deus ex machina to Zim, and occasionally disguised in a green dog suit. The human characters, Dib (Andy Berman) was the conspirator, trying to prove to the world he was right and all the while annoying his sister, Gaz, (Melissa Fahn) who just wants to ignore the chaos and just live her life.
Even though the show was cancelled, fans still couldn’t get enough of the wacky and insane universe that is Zim’s. On July 8, 2015, Invader Zim found itself on comic book shelves, where fans could still get more of the crazy antics that Zim and Gir find themselves in.

Expect to see Invader Zim come back soon, hopefully kept true to itself unlike the Power Puff Girls and more like Samurai Jack. Thankfully, joining the original cast is the original artist to help lead the way with the new TV Movie. Only time can tell if the reboot will do it justice.

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Picture Credits: Entertainment Weekly


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