In celebration of Earth Day, UC Merced hosted its annual Earth Day celebration. Earth Day was first celebrated back in 1970 after an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969 which inspired Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin to press for it’s celebration. By the year 2000, countries all around the world began celebrating the event.

This year, UC Merced held the Earth Day festival on April 20 (instead of the marked April 22 date for the event). This did not deter students from showing up to the event and enjoying the activities available. The Earth Day festival was held on Scholars Lane and the activities were plentiful. Various student organizations showed up to educate and inform students on issues while vendors adorned the Lane.

One of the most memorable events at the Earth Day Festival was The Dumpster Dive. It was eagerly presented by the school as this year’s new event. Students who chose to participate in the game had to sort through (clean) trash and recyclables to find prizes. Prizes were dished out to contestants who got their hands dirty and off they went to brag about their new toys.

Earth Day here in UC Merced was a lasting event, reminding us to be more conscious of our planet. And hey, check out your local dumpster and help save Mother Earth whilst finding your own treasures!

Photo Credit: Marcus Fox


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