On April 22, 2017, UC Merced hosted its Annual Bobcat Day. Bobcat Day is an event hosted by the school for admitted students and their families to come visit the campus and explore clubs and organizations found on campus.

Bobcat Day 2017 invited hundreds of incoming freshmen onto campus.  Adorned with Bobcat memorabilia, visitors walked up Scholars Lane and were greeted by happy volunteers from campus organizations.  It was exciting to see all the campus clubs out tabling – there were so many, they snaked around the Carol Tomlinson-Keasey Quad and displayed bold banners with loud colors to promote their organizations. The famous Rufus the Bobcat was out there grooving and having a good time with families.  The visiting families were excited and eager; the campus came to life with voices, accents, and people from different places.

Tours were also given to future Bobcats who were interested in seeing the other parts of campus. Tours included housing buildings like Tenaya and the Valley Terraces as well as Kolligian Library.  The tour guides were preppy and ready to explore campus alongside the tour groups.

Bobcat Day seems like an ordinary school visit, but it’s much more than that.  An entire new class is entering campus when 2017 graduates complete their UC Merced story in May. Class of 2021 just took their first step into their college career and Bobcat Day allowed the campus, the clubs, the organizations, and current students to welcome them with open arms.  

Photo Credit: Sam Ginete


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