The Prodigy’s Bobcat of the Month is a monthly series featuring outstanding undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff members that have devoted their time at UC Merced to create a greater campus community. This month’s winner is Jimel Mutrie, a second year psychology major with a natural science education minor. She is a first generation student who is fully dedicated to morphing the lives of children for the better. Jimel has displayed an extraordinary passion for teaching tomorrow’s youth by being fully engaged with a variety of organizations such as Generation-to-Generation and Civil Leadership.  Both these organizations’ mission statements revolve around building healthier communities through collective outreach efforts, something Jimel is extremely spirited about. During her time in Civil Leadership, she recalls her experiences in guiding a 2nd grade girl who struggled with reading. Jimel vividly remembers the little girl running while smiling cheek to cheek after working with Jimel, who eventually helped her improve her reading skill by one grade level. Jimel has dedicated much of her free time to helping other students who are committed to enriching their future.

Jimel is dedicated to furthering the lives of students and shares how she has been influenced in her positions of leadership by others. She explains that she is passionate about the evolution students go through regarding their confidence. Her favorite part of her role in these positions is seeing a child’s confidence to confide in her increase as they get to know each other. Jimel Mutrie has done an extraordinary job in helping the youth of America, but she was not always as invested in extracurriculars. Her first year at UC Merced, Jimel struggled with balancing a social life and academic work, an issue several Freshmen at UC Merced have faced during their time in college. Jimel’s advice for future incoming students is simple, “learn from those mistakes, don’t procrastinate… know your priorities.”



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