Associated Students of the University of California, Merced President


Associated Students of the University of California, Merced President Salma Memon hails from Orange County, California. The aspiring doctor’s heritage is diverse, with her mother’s native country being Afghanistan and her late father’s being Pakistan. After spending her high school years focused on her studies, she arrived in Merced ready to tackle college.

The start was a little less than ideal, with Memon even thinking of transferring to a different university at one point, but everything eventually clicked and UC Merced became home. She credits her mother with helping her through some difficult times by pushing her to be better to reach her aspirations. Her eventual goals include working with Life without borders, perhaps through two years with Global Medical Training. To help accomplish this, Memon joined the medical fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon, as well as ASUCM, an endeavour which led to eventually being elected president last semester. In an interview towards the end of the Spring 2017 semester, Memon spoke of her new position.

As president, she now considers herself a voice for all students and, as a result, has made the decision to take a step back in order to see new perspectives and ideas. Her summer was spent on a retreat, training for her new position, including cultural sensitivity and sexual violence understanding. She has now returned to Merced ready to take on another challenge, continuity for ASUCM now and in the future.

Photo Credit: ASUCM


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