October is finally here, so that means it’s Halloween all month long for those who are Halloween obsessed! With this spooky holiday quickly approaching, it’s always fun to get into the holiday spirit by going out to pumpkin patches, costume shopping, or even something daring – going to a couple haunted houses around town.

If you’re looking for some scary mazes that will really have you trembling, Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors is open Friday through Sunday nights during the month of October. Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors is located in Snelling, CA, which is just a quick fifteen minute drive north of G street. It is a family owned ranch which puts together a couple haunted mazes and opens them up to the public for a night full of screams and fear.

But, what exactly makes this attraction stand out from any other haunted mazes during the Halloween season? Well according to the owners of the ranch, this place is believed to be actually haunted! Back in the early 1900’s, Snelling was a small community, with pitched tents around the ranch since people mined for gold on the Merced River. Many deaths and strange occurrences happened since then; it is believed the souls of those who died here many years ago still haunt the ranch today. According to the owners who actually live on the ranch, they claim to have experienced paranormal activity in their time living there. Brenda Lee, one of the owners of Snelling Ranch said “my youngest daughter was having a lot of issues living on the ranch, and she would have a lot of night terrors”. In addition, Jennifer Lee, another owner of the Ranch as well says “I have seen things but I’m not sure if it was my active imagination or if it was really there”.

Due to this very reason, this Halloween attraction is not recommended for younger children as the haunted mazes are pretty intense, I myself could barely make it through some of the mazes without dropping my notebook and pen. The maze is an outside built maze with many loops and turns and guests at one point have no idea where they are going. Some passageways in the mazes are pitch black while others are completely foggy with bright neon lights that completely blind you. To make it even more frightening, monsters pop out of nowhere and chase you down when you least expect it! UC Merced student who prefers to remain anonymous says “the characters stay in character, I feel like devoted characters makes for a more scarier experience”. I even got to talk to someone who came down all the way from Berkeley, CA! Ryen Deloatch a student from Berkeley City College says “This was the first haunted house that really scared me”.

So if something fun and spooky is what you’re into, Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors is not one to disappoint! Visit here to view more: http://www.snellingsranchofhorrors.net/

Photo Credit: Justin Gonzalez


  1. Thank you so much for joining us at Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors, we appreciate our UC Merced community. You did a great job on the post, I’m glad you had a good time when you came out and visited us.

  2. For people who cannot walk very well but do not use a wheel chair, can you advise if all 3 parts of your halloween event are ok to attend or is one or two too much to walk and which ones are they.


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