When you walk on Scholars Lane, you can frequently catch students walking in the bike lane which can cause bicyclists to have to swerve around students into the bus lane or walk lane. This can lead to serious and dangerous accidents; to not only the bicyclist but to the walking pedestrians as well.

Two potentially disastrous incidents were recounted by local bobcats who were bicycling down Scholars Lane. One bobcat had described that as he was bicycling down the lane, a pedestrian suddenly came into  the bike lane unexpectedly. The bicyclist reacted quickly to not hit the pedestrian and swerved into the bus lane where he was met with a bus heading toward him. Luckily, he was able to swerve back into the bike lane in time to avoid being struck by the CatTracks bus. The second incident happened when Jesus Ochoa, a first year History major, was bicycling  down Scholars Lane and had to merge into the opposite bike lane due to students occupying the appropriate lane. As a result, he and another cyclist came very close to a collision.

These types of accidents can be easily avoided if pedestrians remain in the designated walking area.  Therefore, students walking on scholars lane should seriously consider walking in their designated lane.

Photo credit: Christopher Pang.



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