Feeling at home entails feeling comfortable in all aspects of our daily life. One of those aspects is our diet. Because of that, it’s logical to think that enjoying what we eat is crucial to our happiness. At UC Merced, our new home, we can choose between the Dining Center and the food trucks on campus to get our meals, and they complement each other as each one of them has clear advantages over the other.

The Dining Center offers a decent variety of meals; but as many students point out, it’s not perfect. Many students complain about it’s schedule; specifically, they believe is rather inconvenient going to the DC after class just find out there is nothing but pizza since the kitchen is not open. Although it is better than nothing, pizza is still an unhealthy choice that might interfere with some people’s diet.

On the other hand, the on-campus food trucks provide an even wider variety of choices. Ranging from kebabs to famous grilled cheese sandwiches, they give students an alternative to the DC. Some justify their high prices because they think the food quality is better than in the dining center. Interestingly enough, some still prefer to stick to the cafeteria since the trucks may be far away from their residence buildings.

Ultimately, the presence of food trucks on campus seem to fulfill the needs of many students that the dining center could not do by itself. The dining pavilion, however, is set to be finished by fall of this year, so it is still unclear how much different it will be from the current one or what new choices as far as food it will have. Hopefully, it will address the necessities left unattended by the dc; it would be ideal to not depend in the food trucks, not because they’re unreliable, but because the campus should satisfy by itself students who pay thousands of dollars every semester. The food trucks should be supplementary, not complementary, to whatever the campus provides.

Photo Credit: Christopher Pang.


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