Dear UC Merced Students,

The legislative branch of the Associated Students of UC Merced, and the Internal Vice President, would like to apologize to the student body for not taking a definitive stance against the violent actions from the College Republicans sooner. We do not believe in the sentiments expressed by the College Republicans nor do we believe that their actions have a place at this university. However, we fully acknowledge that our inaction and silence may have led the student population to believe otherwise.

In addition to our inaction as a branch of the Associated Students of UC Merced, the Inter Club Council has recently made the decision to fund the College Republicans to attend a conference. A conference that will enable their organization to network with individuals that share their harmful views. Ultimately, bringing back hateful sentiments to our UC Merced community. The Inter Club Council is an auxiliary of ASUCM and the senate has no direct voting power in regards to the internal affairs and bills taken on by ICC. However, let it be known that members of the senate attempted to voice their concerns regarding the harmful impact of the College Republican bill at the ICC Meeting on Monday March 19.

Unfortunately, ICC intentionally dismissed the senators attempting to voice these concerns. Members of the senate believe that we should not tolerate or support any individual or organization that perpetuates hate speech on our campus. Direct endangerment of any kind should be condemned on this campus. We have realized there is more action to take on our behalf in order to keep our students safe. We believe that ASUCM needs to improve on uplifting, and protecting our marginalized communities.

To tolerate or remain silent means to comply, that is not what we were elected to do. We urge students to come voice their concerns on April 4th during the Senate Meeting held in KL 232 at 7:30pm. Senate will discuss a resolution regarding a formal timeline of the violent actions committed not only by the College Republicans, but by other entities on separate occasions on campus as well. Furthermore, the senate will be discussing financial bylaw changes that will prohibit student fees from funding partisan organizations on campus, a policy implemented on other UC campuses. We urge the UC Merced community to attend our meetings to be a part of this conversation and hold your representatives accountable.

This statement has been endorsed by:
The Internal Vice President, Benjamin Juarez
The External Vice President, Teresa Wachira
Commissioner of Diversity, Cristòbal Alberto
Organizing Director, Mauricio Trejo
Legislative Director, Berenice Ballinas
Director of Student Advocacy, Francisco Ortiz
The External Office of ASUCM
Senator At-Large, Marissa Martinez
Senator At-Large, Stacey Ascencio
Senator At-Large, Erik Flores
Senator At-Large, Jason Braun
Senator At-Large, Lindsey Huizar
Senator At-Large, Stevan Colin
Senator At-Large, Angel Bautista Borge
Senator At-Large, Salvador Gonzalez
Senator At-Large, Christian Montero-Gutierrez
Senator At-Large, Cindy Lopez
Senator At-Large, Robert Collins
Senator At-Large, José Alvarez
Senator At-Large, Dania Ibrahim
Senate At-Large, Faith Hayden


Photo Credit: ASUCM website


  1. These morons are so stupid that they don’t even see that their actions are the very definition of fascism.

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of academia.


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