Associated Students of UC Merced (ASUCM) is the student government of UC Merced and is dedicated to promoting the general welfare of the student body. The ASUCM government is split into three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. Judicial members of the ASUCM court are appointed by the ASUCM president, and approved by ASUCM senators; executive and legislative branch members are officially elected in either the Spring or the Fall. ASUCM officials run on various platforms for their candidacy and are official representatives of the student body. ASUCM elected officials are paid monetary stipends to represent students; therefore, it is important to share and archive what ASUCM representatives have accomplished during their academic term.  

The ASUCM Midterm Review is a report of the individual performance of elected officials within ASUCM. The Prodigy News at UC Merced is dedicated to making information accessible to the general public, reporting original and unbiased news to the community, and archiving events occurring within the UC Merced community. The Prodigy’s Midterm Reviews will only take into account public documents that were made accessible to the general student body (as of 03/20/18)* through the official ASUCM webpage and official public Facebook pages. For newly elected officials, The Prodigy News will only be including their platforms and will not be reviewing the execution of their platforms.

The Prodigy News at UC Merced will be using the following variables to determine a rating for all elected officials (senators and executive members):

1 pt. for Platform Quality – This review will determine the feasibility of their platform, potential benefits, and overall thoughtfulness of their platform.

2 pts. for the Execution of their Platform – The score for the execution of their platform is determined by using public documents to determine what actions have been taken to accomplish their promises to the student body.   

2 pts. for Accessibility of Information – Accessibility of information will consist of various factors including: clarity of office hours, ease of finding information, and the use of social media/webpages to maintain contact with the student body.

*Note: ASUCM did not upload their senate meeting minutes between the dates Nov. 1st, 2017-March 21st, 2018 These were 4 months of non-transparent meetings occurring within the senate. The executive branch also did not share meeting minutes for an entire calendar year until March 22nd, 2018. Due to the lack of transparency for various months, The Prodigy News will not take into consideration any public record that has been uploaded past 03/20/18. Our lack of consideration is an intentional act; we would like to archive the lack of transparency within student government during the various months. We have also written a separate article that shares all the broken links and missing minutes from ASUCM’s webpage, at

Photo credit: ASUCM.

Update as of 04/16, if anyone would like information about where campaign promises were found contact This update is primarily being published because the website we originally cited as a source of elected officials platforms will be updated due to the elections for the academic year of 2018-2019. 


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