As referenced in our previous article, ASUCM has arguably become an inaccessible platform for students. There are large time gaps between uploading of legislative and executive meeting minutes, and various broken links on its webpage. Below are the multiple broken webpage links within the ASUCM webpage, as of 03/25/2018.

Senator Meeting Minutes for the 17-18 year 

All of August and half of the September minutes were not uploaded until the end of September (25th).

  • September 20th Meeting Minutes are missing.
  • Three November Meeting Minutes are missing.
  • All December Meeting Minutes are missing.
  • All of the Spring Semester Meeting Minutes were not added until March 22nd.

Executive Page

  • “Get involved with ASUCM,” receives a “page won’t load” error
  • “Director of Student Activities: Laura Torres,” receives a ,”page won’t load,” error.
  • “Contact Us!” receives a ,”page won’t load,” error.


Financial Documents 

  • Weekly Budget Updates
    • Weekly budget updates are not updated weekly.
      • Only has one “Weekly Budget” update from 12/11/17.

Senate Committee Minutes

  • Student Advocacy Minutes 
    • Has one Meeting Minutes uploaded September 25th however, within the document there is no date and it is titled “ASUCM Committee Meeting Minutes Template”.
  • Student Activities Minutes 
    • No meeting minutes are recorded or transparent to the student body.
  • Academic Affairs Minutes 
    • No meeting minutes are recorded or transparent to the student body.
  • Budget and Finance Minutes
    • The Budget and Finance Committee Meeting Minutes are only available from September 12th, 2017-October 24, 2017 with the exception of September 26th, which is missing.  Note: Since the Meeting Minutes for September 26th are missing, the discussion of Senate Action #2 (Allocation of  $17,717.47 from Unallocated Funds into Senate Bills, where the Budget and Finance Committee came to the conclusion that transferring a total of $70,000 for senate bills is an adequate amount, taking into consideration the input from other committees) has not been publicized. (

Legislation Archive

  • Senate Resolutions 
    • Resolution #3 is missing.
    • Only 3 resolutions (#1, #2 and #4)  have been shared with the public.
  • Senate Actions 
    • Senate Action #3 is missing.  
    • Senate actions have not been updated since October 10th, meaning there either have been no other actions or they have not uploaded and shared their actions with the student body.

Court Case Procedures 

  • “Hearing” provides a “does not exist” error.  


  • “Get Involved Link,” provides a “does not exist” error

Inter Club Council 

  • Majority of the minutes for the Spring 2018 semeter were uploaded on March 15th in bulk.

ASUCM Commissions 




Photo Credit: ASUCM.


Note: The article has been updated on March 28th, 4:26 PM to include hyperlinks to all reference links for easier accessibility of webpages as well as to update the author’s name. 


  1. As an alum, I find this embarrassing for ASUCM. This is real world practice for life after college and you all are proving how unequipped you would be for a post grad job. If you speak about ASUCM or put ASUCM on your resume, your employers will look up ASUCM after your interview if they are impressed enough. They will not be impressed by what they find.


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