Platform Quality: 1/1

Execution of Platform: 2/2

Accessibility of Information: 2/2

Overall Assessment: 5/5

About the Position: The External Vice-President of ASUCM oversees the External Office. The External Office is made up of several smaller offices, including the following: Chief of Staff, Legislative Staff, Organizing Staff, and the Voter Registration Committee. The External Vice-President also represents UC Merced in the UC Student Association (UCSA).  More information about the external’s office workings can be found here.

Office Hours:  Wednesdays from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM outside of the ASUCM office.

Campaign Promises: During her campaign trail, EVP Teresa Wachira promised to build a bridge between the student government and registered club organizations. External Vice-President Wachira also planned to collaborate with the Director of Student Advocacy to execute a campaign that would be beneficial for the student body.

Execution of Campaign Promises: The External Office of ASUCM, under the delegation of Teresa Wachira, has remained incredibly active during the 2017-2018 academic year. Evidence of her passion to put students first includes her campaign, #FundTheUC, in which members of the student body called their legislators on Tuesday, March 20th to demand legislators that they fund the UC. The campaign, #FundTheUC, is directly related to the increase of tuition over the past few years, including the increase in out-of-state tuition by 3.5% approved by the UC Board of Regents (12-3).

Teresa has also publically shared various opportunities for students to lobby across the U.S. and is consistently providing resources for students to learn more about how to lobby. She has also increased accessibility of information throughout the year by updating Facebook and Instagram with information relevant to students: dates for pop-up produce, statistics for legislative State funds, and information from the University of California Student Association (UCSA) meetings. Her dedication to transparency and efforts to put the student body first is evident.  

Under the delegation of Teresa Wachira, the External Office of ASUCM has hosted numerous events  ranging from lobbying visits, Know Your Rights events, Phone Banking events, Title IX related events, and providing housing/transportation to UCSA meetings.  
While she has remained a student representative for students in UC Merced, she has represented UC Merced statewide. Teresa Wachira currently serves as the campaign committee chair within UCSA, in which she oversees three campaigns: We are 3D, UC Sustain our Students (UCSOS), and ReIgnite. Teresa Wachira has made a continuous effort to promote the general welfare of students and it is evident that under her delegation, The External Office of ASUCM has remained dedicated to ensuring students have the right to an affordable, accessible, and quality education at the UC.  

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Photo credit: Marcus Fox and ASUCM Election Profile


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