Midterm Review of Senator Jose Alvarez


Platform Quality: 1/1

Execution of Platform: 0/2

Accessibility of Information: 1/2

Overall Assessment: 2/5

About the Position: The Legislative Branch is made up of the following committees: Budget and Finance, Academic Affairs, Student Activities, and Student Advocacy. Senators have the power to create legislation for student government, and regulate the budgets presented by organizations on campus. They also have the ability to approve requests to Associated Students made by the UC Merced administration and promote the general welfare of the UC Merced student body. 

Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM in the ASUCM Office.

Campaign Promises: During his campaign trail, Senator Jose Alvarez wanted to advocate for people and the environment. His goal was to advocate for the well being of students, faculty/staff, the community, and everything else that makes up our planet’s biodiversity. 

Execution of Campaign Promises:


  • Mentioned drafting a resolution to develop opportunities to teach sustainability within SSHA Note: No further mention of this resolution was found on any later meeting minutes.


  • Advocated for an increase in economic improvement that UC Merced can provide to the entire Merced community, not just Northern Merced which typically sees more benefits, to guest speaker Ed Klotzbier, Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff.
  • Reported on the upcoming EcoFest

Although Senator Alvarez had the intention to advocate for environmental sustainability, his execution did not align with his platform. Senator Alvarez did not advocate for students, with the exception of the points stated above.

Note: ASUCM did not upload senate meetings or committee meeting minutes between Nov. 1st, 2017-March 21st, 2018. All information above omitted any transcriptions from the following dates. For more information about ASUCM Midterm reviews, visit The Prodigy’s article, here.


Photo Credit: ASUCM


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