Midterm Review of Senator Jason Braun


About the Position: The Legislative Branch is made up of the following committees: Budget and Finance, Academic Affairs, Student Activities, and Student Advocacy. Senators have the power to create legislation for student government and regulate the budgets presented by organizations on campus. They also have the ability to approve requests to Associated Students made by UC Merced administration and promote the general welfare of the UC Merced student body.

Office Hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM in the ASUCM office.

Campaign Promises:  Senator Jason Braun is a newly elected senator as of Spring 2018. He aims to be the voice of all students, especially those with underrepresentation in the UC Merced community. With this is mind, Senator Braun has proposed extending library hours during finals as well as communicating with cultural-inclusive organizations to represent a diverse student body. Before his election into senate, Braun has worked with Senator Stacey Ascencio as her chief of staff and would like to collaborate with her on advancing her numerous library programs that are currently in development.  Senator Braun intends to reach out to STEM majors, so that the senate can represent various majors. He has been elected Chairman of the Law Clinic and aims to integrate this into his platform by acting as an associate for legal advice.

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Photo Credit: ASUCM


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