Running out of meal plan or cat dollars? Well, fortunately, food security is valuable here on campus, as well as providing resources for students. Since last October, the market Pop-Up Produce has been hosting events twice a month in which students are given free fruits and vegetables. The DC team has coordinated and fundraised this event along with groups such as Basic Needs, Health Promotion, the Blum center, and student volunteers.

Since its launch, it has reached over 2,000 students and provided 10,000 pounds of healthy, nutritious produce that has been distributed to students, free of charge. The event could have not been possible without sponsors. Various local companies have donated several of the products that are passed out at the events. By purchasing this produce, Pop-Up Produce has also helped support the local economy, farmers, and a non-profit food hub, Food Commons Fresno, whose mission is to support local farmers and to provide access to affordable, nutritious produce.

Understanding food insecurity is vital because not everyone has access to food; even here at UC Merced. Make your way to Scholar’s Lane for the final two Pop-Up Produce events this school year on April 12th and 26th to get access to plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables. They do only ask that you bring your own reusable bag.


Photo Credit: UC Merced Dining Services.


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