“Submit! Submit!! Submit!!!” How many of us here are done with hearing those words for the endless class assignments that need to be turned in? Wouldn’t it be much better to hear that instead of a measly grade, you are receiving a good shot at getting your submissions published in prestigious academic journals?

As a student at the University of California, Merced, you are automatically required to be producing work at a level that, after being shaped and sharpened, meets the criteria for serious consideration of publication in the Undergraduate Research Journal (URJ). Since you are already submitting numerous term papers, literature reviews, and various other works for your classes, why not take advantage of your efforts and maximize your results! Take these course opportunities seriously when writing papers so that you have a solid piece to go off of when considering what to submit for publication in the journal.

Having work published as an undergraduate student looks extremely good when applying to graduate schools, and may even be the determining factor for your acceptance into a program over other applicants. Having multiple publications will show that you are dedicated, determined, and able to persist all the way through to the end of the publication process. Having multiple publications also entails that you have persevered through multiple rejections, obstacles, and setbacks at some point in the publication process. This is a good demonstration of your capacity to pursue your goals through the struggles and inevitable setbacks during graduate school, and your desired future career.

It is important to publish work in a field of interest that can demonstrate what you are passionate about. This is a way to stay fulfilled and ensure that you are putting work out there that truly represents what you support and believe in. Publishing work close to or in your discipline helps show consistency and relevance to your field when trying to enter into a career or graduate program. Sometimes, however, you may want to try and publish a piece that has nothing to do with your academic studies or usual area of focus. That is totally okay too!

Many students, in order to escape the seriousness of having to produce academic pieces of texts, wish to also create pieces of work that can, in some way, better express their inner thoughts and feelings. Whether this is achieved through Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, or Fiction, there is also a journal on campus that lets you showcase your various uniquely written pieces.

Regardless of whether you seek to write creatively as a career, or as a hobby, it is worth attempting to get publications in Vernal Pool (VP), the UC Merced Undergraduate Literary Journal. This journal also accepts pieces of artwork; so if you are someone who enjoys drawing to destress, send the artwork over to the journal and share your craft with others all over the world.

When you are sharing a piece of your work, you are contributing something of yourself to those who come across your piece. With publishing to both the URJ and the VP journals, you are allowing everyone around the world the pleasure of gaining access to your work via eScholarship, an online open access platform.

It is worth your while to take that extra step of submitting your work to a place that counts for more than a grade. You have already done a significant amount of work, hopefully, when writing for your classes or during your state of flow. All you need to do now is polish your work, submit, and let the URJ and VP editorial staff go from there. If the staff who are preparing the current edition of the journal likes what they are seeing, they will work with you to further finalize your piece!

Give it a try, as you won’t know the difference your piece can make for someone unless you give it a shot. The deadline for submitting work to the Undergraduate Research Journal is November 6, 2018! Work submitted to the URJ prior to the deadline will be considered for this Fall 2018 issue but work submitted after will still be rolled over to be reviewed for the Spring 2019 issue of the journal. Additionally, the deadline for submitting art pieces to the Vernal Pool journal for consideration in this Fall 2018 issue is November 12th, 2018! Furthermore, the written pieces for the Vernal Pool journal are currently being accepted on a rolling basis for Spring 2019.

To submit to both the URJ and VP, follow the submission guidelines and click on the “Submit” button at the top right-hand corner of their page on eScholarship. The URJ can be directly accessed by clicking on this link: https://escholarship.org/uc/ucm_mwp_ucmurj. The Vernal Pool journal can be reached here: https://escholarship.org/uc/ucm_mwp_thevernalpool.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the contacts listed under the corresponding journal’s “Contact Us” tab on eScholarship. Submit to the right place today and have a profound impact on your future and psyche!

Photo Credit: Undergraduate Research Journal at UC Merced.


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