Before the Spring 2019 semester began at University of California, Merced, an unforeseen event happened that affected both the political science department and the students taking political science courses. Around two weeks before the start of the semester, a political science teacher left the campus for a new position at a different school.

With the loss of one political science professor, administrators at UC Merced had to hire a new professor for the Spring 2019 semester to rectify the shortage. That is how we got the new Political Science 001 teacher, Professor Ralph Morrison.

From this shortage of Political Science Professors, the university gained a great new professor for this semester, Professor Ralph Morrison. He was originally a professor at Merced College. There he taught U.S. History and U.S. Constitution (HIST-17A), U.S. History and California State and Local Government (HIST-17B), and Essential of American Political System (POSC-01). He gained his B.A. at the University of California, Berkeley, his M.A. at San Francisco State University, and his M.P.A. at California State University, Hayward. He also has a Certificate in Law and Society at the University of Oxford and was a Member of Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College; both of which are notable achievements.

Before hiring a new professor, however, there was a major problem. Most of the Political Science courses originally lectured by the professor that left offered for registration were redacted and were no longer offered. This meant that many students were left without classes to take. This was especially daunting for the upperclassmen, who desperately needed these courses to graduate on time.

Consequently, the previous class schedule was skewed. If a class was offered and set at a certain time and place, then it was almost certainly changed. A class that was affected is Poli 001. Before the semester started, this class was taken off the registration page. The students previously enrolled were alerted that the course would be back on the registration page within a short time period, and that it would still be during the same time slot at the same location, 8:30A.M. to 9:20A.M, in CLASSROOM 102; this proved to be untrue as there were more complications to delay rescheduling of the affected classes. The location of some classes were released to the students a day before they started. Some students were not so lucky to still be able to take the classes that they needed. There were upperclassmen unable to take a course that was originally offered so they need to stay an extra semester.

Photo Credit: Roberto Mendoza.


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