Merced’s Colossus Con- Pop Culture Convention ft. Cosplay, Celebrity Guests, and More


fullsizerender-2Colossus Con opened their gates for their ecstatic guests on the warm Saturday morning of September 17th, 2016. The pop culture event flooded the air with electric and enticing energy that featured cosplayers, celebrity guests, fandom enthusiasts, and vendors that were lined up as far as the eye could see.

fullsizerender-3This family-friendly event had fans of all ages enjoying the attendees and beautiful fandom art that were available for purchase. Friends of all ages united to create captivating cosplay duos, while others came to spending their time with others members of different fandoms that were just as passionate about comics, animated shows, video games, movies, or TV series. No fandoms were left behind; Bronies, LoL lovers, comic devotees, Pokémon fanatics, and many more filled the convention hall in the Merced fairgrounds.

Not only were attendees a key component of the experience, but the professionals lingering the hall definitely created a more memorable experience. Celebrity guests like Chris Marrinan, artist and writer of comics such as Web of fullsizerender-5Spiderman Vol. 1 and Wolverine Vol.1; Ethen Beavers, is a comic book artist that worked with Justice League Unlimited, Star Wars Clone Wars, and much more; as well as various other artist were all on in the scene of this devoted event. More information about special guests can be found on The captivating event was fun-filled that allowed for all collosus con attendees to engage one-on-one with comic book artists and writers to create a vibrant energy for everyone to enjoy.

Overall, Colossus Con was a friendly and engaging event filled with amazing people that created a unity amongst those attending the event. Supporting community events such as these is important for the expansion of Merced as a whole. A place where students of all ages and adults can feel free to express their love for cosplay, comics, etc. allows for more events like these to occur
in the future. If you missed this event, there is an upcoming Colossus Con on April 8, 2017 in Pleasanton, CA. Tickets are already available for purchase for the fair price of $11.75. To purchase your tickets for the next Colossus Con, visit their website at

Photo Credit: Katherine Cervantes



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