Global Arts Media Writing Studies Arts Showcase


No other University of California, Merced event has ever featured so many students in one night, unlike what the Global Arts, Media, and Writing Studies Showcase event intends to do for the second time around on Friday, May 10th, 2019.

Beginning at 5pm, and going until 10pm, every class in the Global Arts Studies Program, that has a studio component, will participate in showcasing their work. The drawing, painting, and sculpture classes will be in the SSM 125 display room while the photography, songwriting, and the making of electronic music courses will be in the UC Merced Art Gallery.

The submitted art pieces are not constrained to a theme, so students can view not only a vast variety of techniques and styles of artwork, but a collection of creative ideas. Some groups had started preparing their featured artwork since the beginning of the semester, while others began four weeks out. Regardless, each studio class has worked on learning, preparing, and perfecting core techniques since the beginning of the course to showcase artwork that demonstrates the utilization of the best techniques mastered in the course.  

Aside from the many mediums of visual art and music in the display and gallery rooms, there will be live dance and band ensembles presenting. In SSM 116, the Latin music ensemble, Latin dance ensemble, Swing Dance ensemble, and the advanced Swing Band will showcase their talents. In the plaza between SSB and SSM, there will be an energetic drumming session beginning at 7:30pm.

This event will also showcase the literary talents cultivated in the writing department courses. Students from six of the creative and professional writing courses will also participate to give readings of their writing produced in their respective courses. Some of the course faculty instructors will be joining in on reading their works, too. A handful of the students who have their pieces published in this semester’s edition of the Vernal Pool Undergraduate Literary Journal will be reading poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Some of the students from this semester’s Creative Non-Fiction class will be reading excerpts from one of the subgenres that they have practiced developing their stories into, which includes but is not limited to: the personal essay, environmental essay, and memoir. All of the writing courses will be presenting their writings in SSB 160 from 5pm to 8pm.

Similarly, after the writing presentations, students can acquire a taste of what can be conveyed by incorporating lively presentation techniques from other students in the Performative Storytelling class. Additionally, inside of COB 102, otherwise known as the Lakireddy Auditorium, there will be short films playing, directed  by students in the video class.

To allow for everyone to attend this showcase, there will be free parking in the North Bowl Parking Lot. This event is not just open to UC Merced students, but also the Merced community. Therefore, high school students who may be interested in joining the Global Arts, Media, and Writing Studies Program at UC Merced are highly encouraged to come and see what current students in the studio classes and writing classes are producing; families, children, and adults who just want to come out and enjoy a free evening of a multitude of artistic abilities should surely attend. There are anticipated to be hundreds of attendees, and there will be sixty pizzas in the walkway between SSM and SSB, so arrive while the food still lasts!

The Global Arts, Media, and Writing Studies Showcase will unify all of the artistic productions in one day, providing an opportunity for students and other attendees to see all of it at once. This event is expected to be held every semester, as it is a way to highlight students’ productions and spread art throughout UC Merced and the Merced community. This event is funded by the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts at UC Merced. Come and enjoy an evening that is sure to enlighten the senses!

Photo Credit: Henali Joshi.


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