Justin Mapanao is a first-year student at UC Merced, and is currently the youngest member of the Campus Activities Board (CAB). In addition to being a member of the Pilipino American Alliance organization, Justin is a political science major looking to pursue a career in International Politics, following his studies at UC Merced. UC Merced’s CAB strives to provide a variety of entertainment and social activities for the student body, in order to create a strong community that will enhance the character and scholarship among students.

Mapanao explained that he is “ part of the Traditional Committee in CAB. We are in charge of events such as CABsterical, Bobcats Got Talent, and Dance-Off. Between our five members, we all share different responsibilities, such as contacting food and service vendors for events and handling budgets”. Although these duties may seem excessive for a five-person team, Mapanao assured that hard work and dedication are essential components to creating exceptional events for the student body.

When asked how CAB has affected his first year in college, Justin responded, “Being the youngest member of CAB, it was initially overwhelming at the beginning of the year. As the semester progressed, however, I learned how to properly sort my priorities between my schoolwork, social life, and CAB. Although I never get to fully experience and participate in our school-wide events as a student, working the events has been much more fulfilling for me. I love to see the excitement and satisfaction coming from my peers, knowing they’ve enjoyed our events”.

“The start of my college career has been truly great, and I can clearly state that being part of a group of hardworking CAB members has definitely helped shape who I am and who I’m aspiring to be in the future”.

Photo Credit: Roberto Mendoza.


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