the-fence-prodigyThree weeks ago, construction workers began cementing tall metal poles at the edge of the amphitheater, around the corner of the soccer field, by the bowl, and into the Evolution dirt parking lot. The poles serve as the skeleton for the black-lined chain-linked fence we can all see now as we walk up Scholar’s Lane. The fence will be separating the active side of campus from the ‘2020 Project’ construction site.

The construction of the fence should not affect day-to-day campus activities. 2/3rd of the bowl will remain open until being reduced to 1/3rd November 1st. Events that are usually held in the Bowl, will either be held on the Mariposa Lawn or the Soccer field if available. The Amphitheater will remain completely open for the duration of the 2020 project’s construction. However the unique look the amphitheater had of Little Lake will now be obstructed by the fence. The scenic detour that many students take from the Evolution dirt parking lot behind Little Lake and up through the Bowl will unfortunately be closed off. The only path to walk up the hill will be through Scholar’s Lane. The scenic path that wraps behind Little Lake will be closed off for the duration of the ‘2020 Project’ construction.

On-campus services should go on per usual. That is to say Wi-Fi connectivity, Cat Tracks, and other service provided on campus will not be affected. Expect, however, to hear construction drills and jack hammers in the distance from time to time.


Perhaps the largest change to the campus experience will be the school’s aesthetic. When walking up Scholar’s Lane, the views of Little Lake and distant grazing cows will be obstructed by the tall fence. But no need to worry, Bobcats! Administration and the 2020 planners will be enacting ways to convert the fence into a work of art!

Richard Cummings, Director of Marketing & Communications for the 2020 expansion plan, is working on implementing student art-work throughout the fence! The official press release can be seen here. Imagine walking up the hill while looking at grand murals produced by fellow Bobcats. To accompany the student artwork, 2020 planners will have graphics of the future completed buildings spread along the fence.

With the fence nearing completion in the coming weeks, Richard Cummings is actively working on preparing the student art that will be implemented. If you have ideas for art work or even willing to create the art, please contact Richard Cummings at with the subject line “Art Fence.”

Here at the Prodigy, we are dedicated to keeping UC Merced students updated on the numerous amounts of 2020 Plan details that will be following in during the coming years. As UC Merced students, we have a right to be updated on the marvelous work being done to our campus, as well as a right to a voice any concerns we may have with the growth of our campus. We urge students to reach out to your ASUCM Representatives (President and Senators) if you have any comments concerning our campus expansion.

ASUCM President, Katelyn Fitzgerald:dsc_0299

List of ASUCM Senators:

2020 Project Official Website:


Photo Credit: Christopher Pang,



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