On Saturday, September 19th, the Eta Rho chapter of Delta Gamma at UC Merced held their first annual Anchor Splash at El Capitan High School. The event was a fundraiser for Delta Gamma’s philanthropy organization, Service for Sight, as part of the sorority’s “Do Good Week.”  Anchor Splash was made up of many small events and, while the winner only received bragging rights, competition was fierce.

The events included a wet t-shirt relay, beach ball relay, synchronized swimming, and the 125-yard medley. Every social Greek organization had a participating team as well as one unaffiliated “Jungle Team.” Kappa Sigma would prove to be the victor.

Another event was “The Anchorman,” a two-part competition that would leave only one man standing. The different sections were Mr. Popular, a Facebook-like-generating campaign for the week leading up to the event and Mr. Nice Guy, a sailor-wear competition and formal wear competition with a talent portion and trivia. In the end, Rob Okereke was crowned the Anchorman.

Delta Gamma hopes that Anchor Splash becomes another great annual tradition at UC Merced. Second year Delta Gamma member, Kate Kiely said “I love seeing all my sisters get together to do good and support our philanthropy. The fact so many people came to support us really shows how supportive the community is at our school.”


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