In the far distant future, humanity and its allies have expanded to the far reaches of the universe with an alien construct known as the Traveler, who also helped advance our technologies. Now they face near destruction against the forces of darkness that wish to consume them, only to be protected by the Traveler and its light. The fate of humanity and its allies depend on the Guardians (the player’s character).

Bungie’s game, Destiny, an MMORPGFPS (massive multiplayer online role playing game first-person shooter) for consoles, was released nearly one year ago, and has had much to show for it.

Although the game lacks a unifying story, it makes up for it with abundant content and ways to interact with fellow guardians. Destiny appeals to a players interested in multiple styles of gameplay through it’s PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment) modes, which is expanded upon with the optional “House of Wolves” DLC (downloadable content).

Last month Bungie released the newest expansion for Destiny, “House of Wolves,” with plenty to offer the Guardians including new characters and new locations and equipment.

To enable the new content, players have access to a location that was introduced in the base game known as The Reef. Within The Reef, players have a new social zone to explore in awe, The Vestian Outpost, where players can access new bounty missions, armor shaders, ships, personal effects, and a new PvP reward system for a weekly event known as the Trials of Osiris.

Once players access the Vestian Outpost, it triggers a new story quest line which can be picked up from the enthusiastic NPC informant, Petra Venj.

The added campaign content can go by fairly quickly, but the DLC adds many post-game activities. However, unlike previous DLC, “House of Wolves” does not include a raid, instead giving players access to an arena challenge mode.

For competing in the Arena, called The Prison of Elders, players are rewarded with new end-game loot found in semi-randomized loot chests.

In addition to The Prison of Elders, which is primarily PvE, the game adds a PvP element in the Trials of Osiris, a team deathmatch mode with three players on either side. Players who perform especially well can access exclusive social zones, according to rumor.

Although the “House of Wolves” does not follow Destiny‘s normal pattern for DLC, it adds a ton of new content to the game, and will be enjoyable for old and new players alike.



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