Since the release of “I’m a Grown Little Man” in 2009, Kevin Hart has managed to capture the funny bones of the people within this generation. Youths can be heard quoting famous lines from his stand ups and integrating them into their vocabulary as if “alright, alright, alriiiiiiiiight” had always been there. By using his insecurities and his life experiences to capture our hearts, Kevin Hart has grown to be one of the most famous comedians ever.

After the success of imagesselling out Madison Square Garden in New York (a venue that means you have made it to the big leagues) with his “Let Me Explain” tour, Hart left his fans wanting more. He subdued us with the success of his TV show Real Husbands of Hollywood appearances in movies such as Central Intelligence, but we still wanted more of the raw comedy we were used to. On October 14, 2016, Kevin Hart fans everywhere were finally blessed with the stand up titled “What Now?”

Kevin begins in the familiar place of talking about his family. We learn about his new life with his wife and his two children, the fact that he would be unable to be with a partner if they were missing limbs and how shameless he is about it, and the personality traits he shares with his father. He soon illustrates stories about the fun he has while playing ping pong with his friends. Throughout the whole stand up, we still get his interesting take on the female mind. It is clear that Hart has had plenty of life experiences to keep us laughing. His insight never fails to give his audience phrases that will work their way into common conversation.

Although the audience is provided with more than enough jokes to give them a decent ab workout, there was something a bit different from what fans are used to. Some might say that the Kevin Hart who cussed out his teacher in 2010 has been morphed and changed by the glamour of Hollywood. His life is not the same as it was while he was going from lounge to lounge, trying to etch his name up there with those of Kat Williams and Bernie Mac. Even though Hart still writes his jokes based off of his daily encounters, it arguable that because his life no longer closely resembles those of his fans, it is harder to perceive his tales as funny. The stand-up as whole was very funny and entertaining, but acts such as “Let Me Explain” were definitely packed with more laughs. Regardless, Kevin Hart has a knack for delivering a great performance to go with his jokes and his fans will all collectively be waiting for the next round of laughs to come their way.

Photo Credit: Leo Weekly


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