Every year, Frightmare Farms opens up during October, the month of horrors.  Screams of terror could be heard from the parking lots leading into the gateway of haunted attractions of Frightmare Farms.  There were three attractions: the Barnyard Slaughter, Frightmare Express and the Zombie Raid.

The Barnyard Slaughter was a labyrinth through a haunted barn consisting of never ending up-close intense scares. Miguel Lane, a third year student at UC Merced, said, “Actors got really close to your face. And some would ask for your name and chase you down.” Each room or section of the maze had a theme.

imagesOne theme consisted of zombies reaching for the flesh of the people passing through. Terrifying circus animals would mingle behind the last person in the group. Mangled teddy bears were seen hung by their neck. Strobe lights would flash rapidly leaving a sense of eerie fear for what could not be seen. Behind a door was a clown holding a chainsaw, waiting for someone to approach. Another third-year student from UC Merced, Jonathan Garache, exclaimed, “All of the actors were really in character and made the experience all the more real.” It was a never ending maze that could leave the faint of heart petrified.

The Frightmare Express was a haunted hayride through zombie infested cornfields leaving the hay-riders absolutely frightened. What may have looked like props were live zombies ready to pounce.

The Zombie Raid was a simulation of a zombie apocalypse.  Paintball guns were given out as people were loaded onto a truck with ten seats that each had a spring under the chair. People would lose balance swerving left and right as the truck sped across the cornfields. Zombies would chase after the truck to horrify the passengers as they scrambled to reload the paintball gun.

Frightmare Farms will leave everyone terrified and weak after a night of haunted events.


Pictures credit: Priscilla Chan


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