Be wary reader, for the dreadful tale of the Baudelaire orphans, Violet, Klaus and Sunny have been brought to life. There is not a happy ending for the unhappy tale that is to be retold in the form of a series, but it has also been retold and brought to life.

A dismal decision brought about by the provider Netflix, the first season installment of the trio’s tragic tale took a breath of life on the unlucky day of Friday the thirteenth, and the show is dreadfully delightful.

Chronicling the tales, Lemony Snicket (played by Patrick Warburton) narrates the story as a background character. Both in the trailer and in the show, Warburton flawlessly quotes the dreadful book.

Playing the deviously dastardly villain, Count Olaf, Neil Patrick Harris brings a different flavor of the Count compared to Jim Carrey. He brings a touch of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, giving Olaf a more comedic-centric character compared to the eccentric lunacy of Carrey.

The three children played by Malina Weissman as Violet, the tech-savvy older sister, Louis Hynes as Klaus, the well-read middle child, and finally Presley Smith as the sharp-toothed baby sister with the “voice” of Tara Strong. Alongside them is a wide cast bringing the dark story to life which includes  Will Arnett, Cobie Smulders, Aasif Mandvi, and Joan Cusack.


The pacing of the show divides books into two-part episodes, running for an hour long, leaving many to a cliffhanger. The sets are well-crafted and are fairly accurate to the book. There are moments here and there that differ, but they are the minute differences lost in translation from words to screenplay. Charmingly enough, there are moments in the show which would have been optimal to watch in 3D in theaters.

Much like the other original show, Stranger Things, Netflix has brought to life another captivating tale for a wide variety of audiences. Tragically, the first season tells the first four books (from The Bad Beginning up to the Miserable Mill) if your dusty memory dares to recollect the tales. Leaving viewers dreading, waiting to see what happens next. Be warned dear reader, these stories are not for the faint of heart.


Picture Credits: YouTube & Variety


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