Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. Three great, ancient warriors come together in an epic three-way battle in For Honor.

Feb. 9-12 was the last beta test for people who want taste of what the game has to offer before the full game shipped on Valentine’s Day. Although the beta is not the full game, it showed plenty of what the game had to offer.

The beta was mainly multiplayer-based and offered players to fight against other players or an A.I. in three types of game modes: Dominion, Elimination, and Brawls. Dominion is a 4v4 MOBA-esque game mode where players capture control points on three different parts of a map while waves of warrior-minions spawn in the center rush each other. Similarly, Elimination is also a 4v4 mode, except this time it’s just the playable warriors, where players can team up against opponents or hold off a group on their own. This mode takes a lot of coordination between team members. On the other hand, Brawls can either be done in 2v2 or 1v1 matchups. This mode is the classic concept of sword-fighting, a battle of the body and mind with one victor and one loser.

Speaking of swordplay, Ubisoft took a different approach on the combat system. Known for making the Assassin Creed games, Ubisoft is known for their elegant swordplay animations and For Honor’s beta doesn’t fall short. The gameplay resembles something like rock-papers-scissors style of combat with a touch of Mortal Kombat’s bloody fighting. Players’ HUDs (heads up display) have a center reticle broken into three points resembling a shield. These three lines represent points of defense, the left, right and top which also dictates the three points of attack.

The beta only showcased nine characters, each with their own unique playstyle. Each one is customizable for team play. All equipment customizations make a difference in status for both weapons and armor. These vary from helmets, shoulder pads, blade guards, and so on.Luckily for the cosmetic-picky players, there is an option to transmogrify the look of the loot so something else without having to deal with those stats. Each character has their own unique armor set, weapon loadout executions and taunts.

All players make a difference for each of the three factions in multiplayer. Players choose which faction they support, but that doesn’t mean they’re exclusive to playing that race, it just shows where they can direct post-match resources. The game includes competitive seasons where each faction fights for the most control in a region and players allocate resources for their faction to either attack or defend. Winners of the season get some unique prizes.

The full game released on Feb. 14, with a lot more to offer, including a campaign. Perfect for a bloody valentine. Which faction would you support: the noble Knights, the strong Vikings, or the graceful Samurai?

Check out gameplay here, courtesy of Shadow Wulf Gaming:


Picture Credits: For Honor


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