Are You Stressed Out?


Midterms are coming up and the library is packed with students cramming all sorts of information into their head to prepare for exams. But how are the students preparing for the stress? College students are unaware of how much stress can impact academics and their daily lives and also how simple it can be to reduce stress levels.

There are countless ways to reduce stress levels when it comes to school. Complete tasks little by little to decrease the amount of work needed before the due date. Plan out study routines a few weeks before exams or study with classmates to give one another helpful tips.

It is often advised by professors to study at least an hour or so a day for each subject but when is it advised for students to dedicate a little time for themselves? Go get food and enjoy an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Allocate time not just for school but for the mind as well. Rachel Krausert, a fellow student at UC Merced, decides to play the guitar or draw when knows she cannot handle the pressure.

Even though academics are important, it is equally as important to keep in mind about one’s health.


Photo Credit: Priscilla Chan


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