On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, the ASUCM Senate members got together to discuss the Bill #46 regarding the budget. The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm, role was called, agenda was approved, and the meeting began.

Steve Lerer, the advisor to the ASUCM Senate, began the meeting by announcing the winners of the Leadership Awards and stated that these 18 nominations were the strongest pool of applicants since the beginning of the Leadership Awards. He also reminded the Senate that there are three ways to review the budget. Option One was to pass the budget with one vote. This option was a broad way of looking at the budget but the negative side to this option is that it would not allow for consistency or a set process. Option Two was to review the budget section by section. This option was less flexible compared to the first option, but was structured better. Once a vote was taken and approved or denied, members of the meeting were not allowed to go back and make any other change. Option Three was to review the budget line by line. This option was the most detailed option of all three and also would take the longest. Once the structure was chosen, the voting process could not have been changed any further. The ASUCM Senate voted for Option Two.

Below is the summary of the budget review:

Government Operations

  • $1,000 from RCO Early Event Fund to ASUCM Commision on Diversity
  • $500 from ASUCM New Programs and Services General Fund to ASUCM Commission on Neighborhood Relations
  • $500 from Director of Student Activities to ASUCM Commision on Diversity
  • $500 from Director of Communications: Events/Townhalls to Director of Advocacy


  • HSA Funds split into 2 lines: $2,500 for Education Conference and $2,500 for Hmong Culture Night
  • Democrats at UCM: $1,000 from State Convention Line to Retreat Line
  • Pilipino American Alliance: $9,000 from Pilipino Culture Night to Barrio Fiesta

Savings and Investment

  • $214.28 from ASUCM Services and Programs into Savings and Investment

Throughout this meeting, President Katelyn Fitzgerald livestreamed the meeting to better inform students at UC Merced of what decisions they were making. Around 10:30pm, the Bill #46 was signed by President Katelyn Fitzgerald and Senate Chair Gabriel Hulbert.

Photo Credit: Rae Anne Tamayo


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