Every since her days in Destiny’s Child, Beyonce has been stealing the hearts of music fans everywhere. Her name is known worldwide and along with her powerhouse husband, people are sure to be in for a treat whenever she steps on the stage. During the spring of 2016, Beyonce released a film featuring the songs to her most recent album titled Lemonade. The film consist of the music videos for these songs, one of them being Formation.

On the other hand, Adele blew us all away with her breathtaking voice and soulful lyrics. Starting with 19, we received a small glimpse into how raw and emotional she could be and then by 21, we were all just ripped to shreds with intensity, compassion, and anger for anyone who had ever wronged us. After years of impatient anticipation, she released the album 25 featuring the hit song Hello.

Both women have done amazing things to empower, enlighten, and encourage women throughout their careers. But not stopping there, Lemonade does play with the lines around the Black Lives Matter Movement and Adele dedicated one of her shows to the people of the mass shooting at the Orlando night club. They are fantastic entertainers with such amazing talent and sometimes this means that the world, or the people in charge of deciding the winners of the numerous award shows, had the tough decision of choosing between the two.

At the Grammy Awards this year, Adele and Beyonce were nominated for some of the same awards including Album of the Year. As most people figured, Adele won this honor along with everything else she was nominated for that night. Beyonce, however, only won 2 out of the 9 awards she was nominated for. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Adele fan. I was singing the words to Hello days after the song came out, but if you compare Lemonade to 25 you would have to agree that Beyonce was cheated.

Lemonade is probably the most personal album Beyonce has released. On it, she talks about her marriage, being a mother, and being a person of color. Lemonade, the film, mirrors this by incorporating her husband, daughter, and other powerful female figures in the media in the videos. She is open with the public and allows them a glimpse of what is inside her soul. The way her music sounds is also extremely innovative. The beats and melodies do not sound like the mainstream pop everyone is used to but instead are a creative mixture of several different genres. If you compare this album to Dangerously in Love, it is hard to believe that she is even the same artist. Beyonce also broke dozens of records with Lemonade, including being the first female to chart 12 songs on the Billboard Top 100 list. Taking the social and personal severity of her words, the creative and innovative method of the album’s production, and the growth she has achieved throughout her musical career; therefore, why was she denied one of the highest awards a musician can receive for their talents? Adele does have an amazing voice, her songs do speak to her life and the experiences she has trudged through during her journey as a mother and a person but there is no growth or progression. Although the words might be different, the music on 25 still sound the same as they do on 19.

It can be argued that Beyonce not winning the award is partly because of her race. She presumably paid homage to the Black Panthers during the very first performance of Formation during the 2016 Super Bowl. Figures such as Serena Williams, Zendaya Coleman, and Amandala Steinberg that are known for speaking out about the pride they have in their African American culture were featured in the music videos to songs on the album. Acts such as these can be taken negatively by people in the prejudice climate we as citizens of the US live in. And as the responsibility of determining who wins the awards the Grammy’s offer is placed on a select few, it is plausible to believe that there are people who react negatively towards Beyonce’s message. Even in her acceptance speech, Adele spoke to the creativity and pure talent that went into Lemonade proclaiming that the award should have gone to Beyonce.

Beyonce should have won Album of the Year, but Adele is still one of the greatest female vocalist of this generation. Both women have incomparable talent and do great things to entertain the world and I look forward to whatever music they have in store for us. 


Picture Credits: The Ringer


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