October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and UC Merced’s Colleges Against Cancer hosted their 5th Annual Carnival of Pink to bring awareness to breast cancer. On a rainy Friday morning on October 28th, club representatives and volunteers set up tables and activities for the student body of UC Merced.


The Colleges Against Cancer Chapter of UC Merced advertised, “Rain or shine, Carnival of Pink is still going on! Instead of outside along Scholar’s Lane, we will be under the overhang in front of the lantern and the event will go all the way down to in front of OSL. Just look for the pink and white balloons.”

Carnival of Pink is a fundraiser that helps raise money towards the American Cancer Society and to educate students on breast cancer. Mario Villalobos, a student at UC Merced, explained, “Carnival of Pink is a collaborative event to raise breast cancer awareness. The goal is to raise money for Breast Cancer Society.”

Different varieties of club organizations tabled to educate students through activities. Pre-Pharmacy Club had note cards with parts of a fact written on them. Participants had to fill in the blanks to complete the sentences.  


Dylan Lee, a representative of Pre-Pharmacy Club, said, “The reason why Pre-Pharmacy Club is tabling for Carnival of Pink to raise awareness for breast cancer and to educate students with facts about breast cancer.”

At the American Medical Student Association table, CPR demos were displayed. Instead of using them for the original purpose, the club members were resourceful and used the models to educate students on how to check for breast cancer.

img_3015Sariah Lafourche, a member of American Medical Student Association at UC Merced, stated, “The goal is to promote breast cancer awareness and to teach people how to check for breast cancer.”

With this event, UC Merced’s Colleges Against Cancer hopes to have educated students to inform that breast cancer isn’t something to be afraid of, but rather to learn about so that it can be prevented or detected sooner.


Picture credits: Anjeliko San Mateo


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