Class registrations began the second week of November. Students constantly checked if classes were still open and grabbed for any opening to schedule in the classes needed. Nicole Sanchez, a second year student at UC Merced explains, “I check class openings like clockwork now.” Students would grow restless and even panic during such times. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with stress, students should keep in mind that the class schedules are not finalized until February 6th at 2pm. Even then, there are different resources on campus that can aid students.

One of those resources include the advisor’s office. Whether it be a student or an advisor that answers your questions, they will help to the best of their abilities in order for you to schedule the classes needed. Also make sure to submit a repeat request if you need or want to repeat a class. Once the permission is granted, it only lasts for one semester!

The registrar’s office is also another resource for students. When there is an error or misunderstanding during the process, students can find their way to the office and have their questions answered. The office can help students override errors and even walk through the entire process with students if needed.

The last thing a student can do is to consistently check for classes once grades are finalized after finals week. Students that don’t pass a prerequisite class are dropped from the next class. This serves as an opportunity for students to take the spot in the class that they really want to take.

Jonathan Garache, a third year student at UC Merced states, “Once the clock strikes for registration, there are no friends.”


Picture Credits: UC Merced


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