Many college students tend to forget classroom etiquette. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a lecture hall or whether it is in a discussion class, students either have an inclination to forget or choose to not bother showing respect to professors and fellow classmates.

Personal conversation should not be held during a class. It is distracting to fellow students that are trying to listen to the professor and learn. In The Houstonian, the school paper at Sam Houston State University, Molly Wadell wrote, “You may feel the need to tell your friend that thing you just thought of right now — but is it really necessary? Talking in class not only distracts your friend and risks both [you] and your [friend] getting embarrassed if the professor calls you out, it distracts other students in the class — and yes, they can hear you, even if you’re whispering.”

In a big lecture hall, students may think that the professor won’t notice or care if they use their electronics. However, professors both notice and care. In fact, instructors feel that they are at fault for not engaging with their students enough. Caio Cesar, a professor at Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, states, “It makes me sad when this happens. But we (professors) must understand that we can’t control it. It is our responsibility to make our classes more interesting and engaging.”

Instructors choose their profession because of their passion in educating and caring for the younger generations. But when the younger generations don’t show the slightest respect to their instructors, what does that say about college students?

Photo Credit: Leonel Orozco


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