In 1989, October was designated by U.S congress as Domestic Violence Awareness month and has since been observed by institutions all over the nation. Domestic violence is often an untouched subject but affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. On October 12th, the Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education Center (CARE) held a self care crafting event in light of domestic violence awareness month. All students were given two mason jars to paint as a superhero to represent who they are or someone they look up to. Both mason jars included a cape that could be decorated with paint and/or glitter. The super jars were also used as a form of de-stressing.

One student who attended the event expressed how, “It was very relaxing. I learned that there’s always time to care of yourself in a busy day, because if you don’t do it no one else will.”  While in the midst of midterm season, students outside the crafting workshop seemed hectically distraught, but students who partook in the event appeared calm and untroubled. The event overall helped increase awareness about domestic violence while providing resources for those who are currently suffering from domestic violence abuse, sexual violence, and fullsizerender-16stalking in a light manner through the use of a crafting activity.

If you or anyone you know might be exposed to domestic violence, sexual violence, and/or stalking contact the campus advocate center at (209) 389-2051 or the Valley Crisis Center (open 24 hours) at (209) 722-4357. CARE will be having a photo campaign of #HealthyRelationshipGoals October 17-28 and a FAIRground Tabling Event at 5:00 pm in the CatQuad on October 24th.


Photo Credit: Katherine Cervantes


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