Wednesday morning at around 12:30am, students began protesting after receiving news about the new president elect, Donald J. Trump. The election had students riled up throughout the day as results came pouring in from each state on an hourly basis. However, many students on and off campus did not agree with the country’s decision and decided to show it.

When rumors ran through the dorms that there was a riot occurring on campus, hundreds of students rallied together with a unified message. Other UC campuses had marched in protest of the election results throughout the night as well. Coincidentally fire alarms were set off throughout the campus residency and COB area, where evacuating students joined in on the protest.

A Spark in the Night

– Explicit language will be used –

“Fuck Donald Trump,” students cried out during the course of the night as they marched all across campus, from housing to the New Beginnings statue, and finally ending and dispersing in the Summits Quad in the Summits housing. At the last portion of the march, students proudly chanted “Si se puede” (yes we can!).

“There was a fucking protest bro,” said one student excitedly but concerned. “We are very fucking unhappy.”

“We were out here talking to 10 people then we started chanting ‘fuck Trump’,” said Isaac Hinojosa on how the protest started. “Once we had a big group we decided to walk down the housing area to get more people. We went all the way to the statue!”

Outcry in the Community

University of California, Merced bears a large population of minority groups and the students that attend are proud of it. The protest came across as a concern because of the ideologies that Trump had proposed all throughout his campaign for the past year.

“We are a group of UC Merced students who decided to gather here to share our thoughts about the election,” said Florence Reteria, voicing her concern. “We are concerned about our status at the university where our academic status may be challenged where our elected president has belittled women and people of color and other minority communities represented on this campus.”


“There was an uprise because we felt that we as a minority, such a person was elected,” said Sky Blanton emotionally. “His opinions are what we vote for, not just him. Trump supporters are entitled to their opinion, it’s everyone’s country, but we are built upon immigration.”

Many students had cast their vote Tuesday Nov. 8 and now they cry out in unity that they will not stand for who has been elected.They will continue protesting on Nov. 9 at 10am in front of the Kolligian Library.

“Many students are upset, so they feel the need to protest about the election results and make their voices heard,” said Maynor Garcia explaining what he saw. “Together we can make our voices heard…but I do not speak for all students.”

“Everyone here is not gonna tolerate hate and bigotry,” said Reteria. “We will not fall back on what we have fought for.”


Picture credits: Merced Sun Star


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