Land, sea, and air. A top soldier knows how to handle these three, in any weather and terrain, be it day or night, to complete their objective. Go back to boots-on-the-ground military combat as a Special Ops agent in Ghost Recon’s Wildlands.

No game is ever perfect upon release, that’s why Ubisoft took precaution to allow players to participate in the open beta test for Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Wildlands. In this game, you take control of a Special Operations soldier infiltrating deep into Bolivia to take down the drug cartel that has taken over.

Wildlands is an open-world sandbox, players can explore from frosted mountains, to grassy plains, to dry deserts, to luscious jungles. Players can explore this country either on foot or with a wide variety of vehicles ranging from bikes, to trucks, to sports cars. The game felt something similar to a Grand Theft Auto meets the military.

The game allows players to customize their ghost however they want in order to make the perfect soldier. Character avatars are fully customizable; characters can have scars or tattoos with outfit pieces interchangeable from head to toe. Soldiers can go from a casual urban outfit in jeans and flannel, to a full on Grass Ghillie suit. However, these changes do not make any differences in gameplay (ex. a grass suit could fully match the terrain, but the A.I. would still spot the player fast.)

Not only is the outfit for a player customizable, but so are the weapons. Similar to previous Tom Clancy title Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Wildlands utilizes the gunsmith system. This system breaks down the guns into parts, where players can switch out the barrels, triggers, scopes and other parts of the gun. Players can change the paint job of the guns as a whole, or the different parts individually for a multi-pattern gun. They can also also see the wear and tear of the gun’s use, choosing to either repaint it or leave it damaged.

The game also offers a progression system. This is not the standard kill, complete an objective, and gain experience system. Instead, players have to also find resources for the local rebels to use and collect, which in return give players the necessary points to purchase. Upgrades can make the player a more efficient gunfighter, drone expert, or cooperative tactician.

The new gameplay element added to Ghost Recon is driving. There are a wide array of vehicles available for players to use to traverse Bolivia. Players can steal sports cars, helicopters, boats, and a few others to cover large areas. However, the driving mechanic is not as polished, smooth, or as refined, where the controls are very squirrely. The tiniest jerk can send you and your team drifting down a mountainside.

There are a few notable criticisms of the game due to this being a beta test, there were also a few bugs, glitches and oddities. The graphics varied between players’ opinions, most can argue that from a distance the landscapes are gorgeously rendered. However up close, some textures felt missing or fell flat, while the muzzle flash of the enemies’ guns looked like something of a 64 bit game. At times, the A.I. would walk right past each one another, sprinting in some instances and the enemy would not take notice, but the second the A.I. catches a glimpse of you, prepare for an all-out firefight.

The highlighted element of this game is the co-op feature. Players can team up with three others to complete missions and explore. The beauty of teaming up with friends is the way they can coordinate their plans. Groups can attack an enemy base in a variety of ways, as a guns-a-blazin’ squad, or take a stealthier approach with a sniper to help sneak efficiently, with a getaway chopper at the ready.

Ghost Recon Wildlands released March 7, so now is the best time to try out the game for yourself or with some friends.


Here is some gameplay footage:



Picture Credits: Anjeliko San Mateo


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