There are so many things going on this New Year and it is often forgotten that for this holiday, it is greatly appreciated by many students to receive useful “college type” gifts. It could be said that such gifts don’t come to mind as easily as a toy or a video game might, but I’m sure that I speak for all students when I say that some of the best gifts are practical ones.

Some practical ideas for students could be a great set of pens, pencils, and notebooks. Additionally, gift cards to fast food restaurants would come in handy, especially for places like In N Out and Taco Bell. The ultimate gifts, though, are personalized ones that can be put to good use. For example, if you are gifting for a female, a few items to keep in mind might be hair ties and bobby pins or even a cute lip balm.

If you are gifting a male, then maybe some awesome items to search for could be razors, gum, or phone chargers. There is an endless amount of items to choose from, so get creative! Have fun choosing what you’ll stuff a college-stocking with. Designs and colors matter for each specific person because then, you’re contributing to the personalization of the gift in a more elaborate way.


Lastly, if you are fresh out of ideas, then it is a perfectly fine to just ask the student what would be best to get them. If they say  no, pay close attention in the upcoming few days to hear what they like or complain about. Every small thought counts!

I am sure they would be just as happy with what they receive. Happy Gifting!


Picture Credits: This Silly Girl’s Kitchen & Savvy Expression


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