Finals week is nearing and we’re all completely stressed, but it’s always important to take some time for self-care. Here are a few things that you can do to take care of yourself this finals season. 

1. Visit the relaxation center on campus.


The HEROES office on campus offers many resources for stress management. They often do tabling, so make to stop by and grab some goodies such as stress balls, ear plugs, and candy. You can also stop by the HEROES office and make an appointment for the relaxation station where they have various activities to help you relax and refresh.

2. Try and stick to your normal self-care routine.


I know that finals can be hectic to deal with and it can be hard to find time to do anything, let alone time to relax. It’s important to try and stick to your routine as much as you can. So if you do yoga twice a week, try to not completely scrap it from your schedule during finals week. Keeping a normal routine will allow you to feel more in control and keeping up with your regular self care will allow you to accomplish more without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Take breaks.


I know this sounds like a no brainer, but especially during finals week, we forget to stop and breathe. Studies show that those who take a breaks while working are able to get more done than those who don’t. After working non-stop, our brains begin to become numb to the stimulation and we stop treating the task as important. It’s also important to get up and stretch a little after sitting still for hours, this will get the blood flowing and allow more oxygen to the brain. Also, using a self reward system can really help your motivation. For example, after four hour of studying allow yourself an hour of Netflix.


4. Give your pet some love.

If you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend, don’t forget to put some time aside to hang out with them. Not only will you spend time with them, but it will also help you relieve some stress.


5. Get a coloring book.

I know that we’re not five years old anymore, but coloring has proven to reduce anxiety and promote mindfulness. So get yourself a coloring book and color inside or outside the lines, it’s up to you.


Picture Credits: Blogs at U of Dayton, Chrome, & PetFinder


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