On March 20, 2017, the grand opening of the Intercultural Hub was celebrated in KL 159 where students gathered to listen in support of the newly established cultural center. Due to the many recent events that involve discrimination and deportation, impacted students at UC Merced feared for their safety. To provide a safe space for students that felt such fear, the Intercultural Hub was presented as a place on campus where they can express their concerns and receive the help needed.

Students and professors were invited to speak during this event to voice their support for one another. Professor Nigel Hatton expressed, “We are a diverse student body. As I look around, I see the world.” The mission of the Intercultural Hub is to promote diversity and social justice to UC Merced. Students and professors at UC Merced believed there was a lack of representation but, during the grand opening, there was a sense of pride and comfort that was felt in the audience.

Alejandro Delgadillo, the associate director of the Calvin Bright Success Center, voiced, “It’s a joyous moment because it is a space to celebrate diversity. To honor those that came before us.” He continued, “There are people in this world that need you to be educated, to be the voice of representation of those who want to be heard.”

With this addition of the Intercultural Hub, we have finally joined with the other ten Universities of California who all recognized the importance of having this center. This should give every student at UC Merced a sense of pride.

Photo Credit: Marcus Fox


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